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Resources – Wake County

Wake County Community Innovations Waiver Access Hotline: Alliance (a company that helps families of people with disabilities find and obtain services) provides services for people with special needs in the Wake County area. You can also call (800)-510-9132 for more information. Testing 3-c Family… Continue Reading “Resources – Wake County”

Resources – Academic

Reading Tarheel Reader: This website provides online, accessible, leveled books. It includes books from beginner to higher levels of reading with an array of topics that are of interest to individuals whose chronological age may not match their reading ability. Starfall: This is an… Continue Reading “Resources – Academic”

Parental Rights – Independent Educational Evaluation

Parents who disagree with the school’s evaluation can request an independent educational evaluation outside of the Local Educational Agency (LEA). The LEA can choose to pay for the evaluation or file to prove that their own evaluation is appropriate. The parent does not have… Continue Reading “Parental Rights – Independent Educational Evaluation”

Parental Rights – Manifestation Determination

If the child’s behavior is a manifestation of their disability (meaning that your child is behaving in the way they are because of their diagnosis and not some other factor), the school needs to conduct a functional behavioral assessment and implement a behavior intervention… Continue Reading “Parental Rights – Manifestation Determination”

Parental Rights – Disciplinary Procedures

In or out of school removal (including being asked to take your student out early) in excess of 10 days is not permitted for students with a disability. They have to receive their special education services (another placement or home services). A child removed… Continue Reading “Parental Rights – Disciplinary Procedures”

Parental Rights – File a Due Process Complaint

This right is covered in section 300.508 of IDEA. You have the right to file a due process complaint. Your public agency should have a way for you (or your attorney) to serve this in a confidential manner. IDEA lays out specific minimum criteria… Continue Reading “Parental Rights – File a Due Process Complaint”

Related Services

Related services are services that your child may receive that meet their non-academic needs. These include occupational therapy, speech, physical therapy, audiology, counseling, and many more. Here are some descriptions of a few of the related services that your child may receive. Note that… Continue Reading “Related Services”

IEP Process and Timeline

Before you can get started, you need a referral. This can come from any school employee (teacher, aide, principal, etc) or it can come from a parent or legal guardian. To make a referral yourself, you should make sure that it is in writing… Continue Reading “IEP Process and Timeline”

General Information

For many parents, having an exceptional child may be overwhelming enough without having to navigate all of the school based information you need to know. Here’s how to find information to make this process just a little easier for you. IEP Process and Timeline:… Continue Reading “General Information”

Parental Rights – Mediation

IDEA Sec. 300.506 covers your right to mediation. Any time you are dealing with a public agency, there has to be a process by which to mediate complaints that follows a specific set of rules. It must be voluntary It can’t be used to… Continue Reading “Parental Rights – Mediation”