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Why Visuals?

It comes from your child’s teacher, support professionals, doctors– “use visual supports.” Before you’ve even had a chance to process “my child has autism”/”my child is autistic”, it seems, you’re being told that you need to start implementing some visuals into your life and… Continue Reading “Why Visuals?”

accommodations vs. modifications

Once you’ve become part of the special education world, you find yourself suddenly enmeshed in countless buzz phrases and acronyms. When you’re already overwhelmed with assuring that your child’s needs are met, this can be an extra layer that many find difficult. So that… Continue Reading “accommodations vs. modifications”

Pre-K Programs in nc

Last month, DHHS came out with the report for how many 4 year olds in North Carolina were eligible for pre-Kindergarten services in the state versus how many were actually served. Although the percentage varies across counties, the overall view is pretty dismal– only… Continue Reading “Pre-K Programs in nc”

Child Find

Are you in North Carolina? Are you worried about your child or a friend’s child? Project Child Find is run by the Exceptional Children Division of North Carolina DPI. It is for all children in North Carolina, birth through 21, who have been diagnosed… Continue Reading “Child Find”

Summer Plans

Summer is on its way. This has been a very unusual past 13 months. Summer for kids who have exceptional needs can be tricky to navigate. Some kids get ESY – Extended School Year. This is separate from any COVID-19 provisions in place. This… Continue Reading “Summer Plans”

Meltdowns – What Do You Do?

First, I’m going to explain my basic mentality behind “meltdowns” and “challenging behavior.” All behavior is communication Let me repeat that. ALL BEHAVIOR IS COMMUNICATION! Therefore, the first step of a meltdown is to cut it off at the pass. Make sure that your… Continue Reading “Meltdowns – What Do You Do?”

The Power of “First…Then”

Many people with autism have told me that they cannot stand when someone gives them a big, confusing list of things to do. Think about when you last told your child to get ready for school. How did you do it? “Get ready! We’re… Continue Reading “The Power of “First…Then””

NC DPI: Autism Spectrum Disorder Eligibility

In September, Department of Public Instruction of North Carolina (NCDPI) approved changes to the policy for evaluation and identification of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These changes took place in January 2020. The stated reason from DPI was that they wanted community and school providers… Continue Reading “NC DPI: Autism Spectrum Disorder Eligibility”

Autism and Hygiene

Many people with autism can struggle with personal hygiene. There are a variety of reasons for this, and the specifics can be as widely varied as the individuals with autism themselves. But it becomes the number one question I’ve had parents ask me, particularly… Continue Reading “Autism and Hygiene”

Resources – Communication

AAC Information People with limited verbal abilities or who are unable to speak will need adapted communication. Some people sign, some people use a device, others learn to spell/write. There are a wide varieties of ways to communicate. Here are some links to some… Continue Reading “Resources – Communication”