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Tarheel Reader: This website provides online, accessible, leveled books. It includes books from beginner to higher levels of reading with an array of topics that are of interest to individuals whose chronological age may not match their reading ability.

Starfall: This is an early Reading and Math program that is designed for younger children, but may have activities, games and assignments appropriate for older students who enjoy bright colors and fun sounds. While the bulk of this website is free, some activities or assignments require a $30 annual membership.


Prodigy.com – Prodigy is a math program that works by having the student’s wizard avatar “combating” with various monsters by casting spells. Students cast the spells by correctly completing math problems. This program can be set to a specific level by the teacher/parent or will provide ongoing assessments to assure the student receives the appropriate level. The base game is free with a upgraded paid version.

AAA Math – Free math games categorized by grade level and subject. The format is a bit clunky for some, but it’s free!

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